The Spatial Distributin of Chicanos and Mexicanos

Yesterday, I posted a basic map that showed the spatial distribution of Chicanos. I started to work with data and I realized that a quintile distribution of the data was a more appropriate technique. I created two more maps for Latinos that use the term, “Chicano” or “Mexicano.” Perhaps the most surprising finding is that there are more self-identified Chicanos in Idaho and Washington compared to Illinois.




A Geospatial Portrait of Chicanos

Cuantos Somos: A Demographic Study of the Mexican-American Population was an important attempt to interrogate data from the 1970 U.S. Census regarding the growing Latino population in the U.S. Since the release of the 1970 Census data, a growing amount of data related to Latinos has become available. The 2008-2012 ACS data gives researchers a unique opportunity to empirically study Chicanos, a subset of the Latino population. To my knowledge, there has been no empirical or quantitative study of Chicanos in the U.S. I created this map as a starting point as I begin to write a paper that explores the demographic characteristics of Chicanos.