Why Another Blog on Demography?

My inspiration for this blog comes from my intellectual and practical experiences from the past three years.  I have realized that most of my knowledge that I find valuable has come from reading academic blogs.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I said to a colleague “you need to read this article.”  What I find myself saying is “that you must read this blog on…”  Time and time again, my students tell me that my recommended academic blogs are more relevant to their learning compared to academic articles.  The creation of this blog has been a work in progress.  I have spent the last year reflectively examining questions related to this blog: how can I create an effective spatial demography blog? do I have time? who will read the blog? etc.  I came to the conclusion that part of being an intellectual is to be a public intellectual.  My focus with this blog is to examine how the concept of spatial demography can foster spaces of opportunity to create a community of intellectuals interested in the development and promotion of ideas related to  statistics to measure spatial inequality and policies that begin to remedy spatial injustice.  Through my teaching and applied demographic research with the local community in Saint Louis, I am often encouraged to post my work online so that other individuals and organizations can use that research.  I have also realized that the creation of intellectual spaces need to move outside the physical setting of a department, college, or university.  I have decided it is time to join the vanguard of professors and public intellectuals committed to more inclusive spaces of opportunity where diverse groups of individuals can come together to create an intellectual community to share new ideas related to spatial inequality and spatial justice.  As I embrace technology, I would like to invite you to my first webinar entitled, “A Demographic Portrait of Latino Pueblos and Hyper-Pueblos in the U.S.”